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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Free College Grants For Single Pregnant Mothers-Federal Pell Grants

Free College Grants For Single Pregnant Mothers-Federal Pell Grants
Single pregnant mothers have a huge burden on their shoulders and yet cannot find the best support to plunge them out of such misery. To take care and fend for their kid and also to look after themselves without any other individual's support is not at all an easy task. Being lonely enough to face the world requires great strength and college grants for single pregnant mothers clearly aims to showcase the power of education to these mothers.
Pregnant mothers are many a time discriminated between other students for their necessity to access scholarships and grants. To make sure that such a situation doesn't arise, a federal law was formulated and took effect in 1972, referred to as the Title IX that is spread out to all the local and state organizations which are entitled to receive the funds from the Department of Finance. The number of agencies included under the division of funds in total is 3,200 colleges and universities and 5,000 schools.
The Department of Education emphasizes that any of program which accepts these funds are strictly warned to operate in an extremely non-discriminatory manner and under no circumstances can apply any type of discrimination. This helps the single pregnant mothers in the best way possible and hence guarantees them to receive all kinds of grants and scholarships which are available to the non-pregnant students.
Hence, the single pregnant students are able to utilize the benefits from all of the federal and state grants available. It is interesting to note that the government will be using at least $30 billion alone for federal grants for 2010 as a huge step towards the promotion of educational opportunities towards the mother folk. The Pell grants are amongst the federal grants which are granted out on the basis of the dependency of the applicant. They are usually handed out to the applicants from the low-income groups.
Various other federal grants are also available to all the single pregnant mothers. FSEOG, ACG and many other federal grants are open to the pregnant mothers but also require them to be Pell grant eligible so as to qualify for these grants. FAFSA is the website through which the federal grants are to be applied for and the application is totally free. Different states in the U.S have also come forward to show their commitment towards this cause.
Many non-profit organizations who are helping the single pregnant mothers are the Fleming Associates Young Parent Program, The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program, CLIMB Wyoming, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship, and many others. 
eLearners have been working exclusively for providing educational opportunities to the mothers. Raise the Nation works for the single mothers and have been proving their stance by offering different grants and scholarships for their services.
It is important to bring a spark in to the lives of the single pregnant mothers. Education will be able to do so and hence, the college grants for single pregnant mothers have become an extremely important motive for the various agencies contributing to this effort.

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